1 Minute 39

by Foxfur



released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: 1 Minute 39
1 Minute 39

vs 1

Down by the wishing well on a really sunny afternoon

you were badly singing out of tune, but didn’t care

so I left you to get some more oranges and the avocados that you like

you were looking at the kids, with kites

they dragged around, like boats that pull their anchors

when they spot a hurricane coming from the Northwest

they were busy smiling, laughing at the ballroom butterflies

figure-eighting through the blue, blue sky

serenading us in mid- July

just you and I

vs 2

We ran into the lake through the epileptic crash of waves

emanating when our bodies made first contact-

reminds me of the 1 minute 39

when I held you by the green, green pine

you were biting your lip that night

I asked you why?

You said you “had a thing for someone else,” just not me

I started to back away

I thought I misread you perfectly but somehow here we are

looking at the ballerina stars, taking in this performance art

it’s gloriously bright


make a wish now

Helped me forget

all my problems

you have been sent


vs 3:

you don’t have to thank me

for letting you be you (yourself)

only in the rearview

I look back cuz you’re right here beside when I go 65

Billie Holliday (and) the wind collide

when you lay your lilly head on my shoulder, I am light

when you lay your lilly head on my shoulder, I am light

when you lay your lilly head on my shoulder I am light

- copyright John-Flor Sisante December 2010