Secret Santa- Op 1

by Foxfur (John-Flor Sisante)

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This was recorded in my apartment in December 2011. Sung with love by John Violago, Ashley Maas, and Ron Gejon.

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well i guess the cat's out of the bag
ever since that mistletoe event
when you crept to me, eyes closed
mouth opened wide
when I caught you, I started to laugh
though you said you didn't think it was funny
I believe I saw a glimmer in your eye

i'll be your secret santa tonight

So I have to change my apathy;
I never thought that someone so pretty
would be into me and my jigsaw puzzle life;
but it feels like you're the piece that fits
when I think of you behind the lit manger
plotting on you will get me back "surprised!"

well I'll be your secret santa

this is a test
this is only a test
and my emergency is figuring you out;
what do you mean that I am a machine?
you know, I really have a heart;
it's buried under all the other parts

well I heard you need a little cheer
so i came and brought you something here
special polvoron I bought from that shop we like...
and the parol stars are burning bright
who am I to say they're like your eyes
well I'm saying it right now
the stars are like your eyes

i'll be your secret santa tonight

copyright John-Flor Sisante 2008


released December 24, 2011
John Violago
Ashley Maas
Ron Gejon

keyboards, acoustic guitar, clarinet, accordian, and banjo played by John-Flor



all rights reserved